We Are Here to fly – Marvin Ogger and Tim Alongi visit Cape Town

Dirty Habits spent the last few days of the Cape Town season with two of the craziest freestyle paragliders, Red Bull’s Marvin OggerTim Alongi. I knew from the moment i met them, (they dropped out the sky and landed on a narrow hiking trail to Lions Head, on the side of a steep mountain. Tom Court (RipSlix Production, who was shooting a film with them) and i were walking up to meet the 2, when Marvin dropped in on us, landed, perched himself on a rock and gave us instructions on where to film from before ejecting back into into the clouds. what happened over the next few weeks was a humbling experience.

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© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Poolvin

First time in SA

‘We were attracted by the wind – the crazy and consistent wind blowing over here. That’s what we are also always looking for back home, but there we don’t spend hours driving and hiking chasing it like here.’

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

Checking out the wildlife

‘We’re not used to this type of hiking and so much bush – always looking out for snakes and spiders things as here. Back home is much safer…’

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

16 squares of freedom

‘The main difference to Europe is that the wind is much stronger here. Perfect for our tiny wings – we fly 16-square metres which is much smaller than a regular paraglider.’

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool


Paragliders need either thermal lift (where columns of air rise due to heating) or, in coastal areas, dynamic lift (where they fly on a breeze blowing in off the sea, forced upward by a mountain slope).

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

The back-up plan that turned into a winner

On this day Marvin and friend Tim Alongi had planned to fly a spot they’d been scoping for a while. Conditions were perfect but they were unaware they required permits. This was option two: ‘This was the best session of the trip. One of the most impressive flights we’ve done anywhere.’

dirty habits magazine

Not for the foolhardy

Far from a daredevil’s folly – the sport of freestyle paragliding is strictly self-regulating in a manner only possible in sports where the wings are relatively small and the stakes high.


dirty habits

This Particular day they were plannig to fly a mystical spot, but the police got to us before it could happen, Here is the Video of the back up plan.. not bad if you ask me.

VIDEO Shot and Edited 100% on iPhone

We are here to fly – Cape Town from Dirty Habits on Vimeo.

Marvin Ogger

Tim Alongi

Instagram: @t_alongi

www.wah.tf (https://vimeo.com/62034656)







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