Blouberg and Cape Town Webcams and beach cams

Below is a list of all the Cape Town surf and beach webcams, contact us if you have know of any other webcams you would like added to this page. Please note, webcams are very hard to maintain so if they down, come back the following day and they should be back online.

Kitebeach Webcam, ‘Best Kiteboarding Africa’
Best Kiteboarding Africa
via (Best Kiteboarding Africa )

Best Kiteboarding Cape Town. Kitesurfing Lesson, Gear, Rentals SUP and more:

Shop 1 Portico Building
Athens Road

Landline: +27 (0)21 556 2765

Dolphin Beach Webcam
Table View Beach
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Big Bay webcam – Cabrinha Shop Webcam’
Cabrinha Cape Town
via (
Kitebeach webcam ‘The Wreck web cam’
via (
Kitebeach Blouberg Webcam ‘Endless Summer Beach House’
via (Endless Summer Beach Beach House)
Kitebeach Webcam, towards Dolphin Beach ‘Endless Summer Beach House’
via (Endless Summer Beach Beach House)
Blouberg Wide

Rietvlei webcam milnertonaquaticclub

Milnerton webcam
Milnerton Lagoon
via (
Atlantic Surf Shop – Big Bay webcam
Big Bay
via (Atlantic Surf Co.)

Melkbos webcam
via (The Sand Castle)

Muizenberg webcam – The Corner Surf Shop
Table View Beach
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Muizenberg surf webcam



More Cams coming soon!



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